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Cut Out Cancer at Milano

Offering Salon/Spa services the second Monday of each month for those undergoing cancer treatment.

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Introduction to Cut Out Cancer

First Visit to Cut Out Cancer

Cut Out Cancer Services

Cut Out Cancer Volunteers

Cut Out Cancer Volunteer Highlight 
“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” 
 Maya Angelou 

Gerri Sabo

We met up with Gerri, who has been with us as a volunteer from the day we opened our doors in January 2013.

Gerri brings her warmth, her kindness and her compassion to the various spa services she provides every month at Cut out Cancer- facials, manicures and pedicures. Her gentle hands have soothed many faces and feet at Milano’s. Beyond her expertise in skin care, her caring personality creates a gift beyond the physical, witnessed by the glow on the faces of those who have benefitted from her services.

We caught up with Gerri away from her chair at Clyde St Amand’s Hair Design in Avon and learned a little more about her. Beyond being a skilled esthetician, she is mother to two accomplished daughters and “YaYa” to four young grandchildren.

We are deeply grateful to Gerri for her many hours of volunteer service to Cut out Cancer and her dedication to helping so many clients.

What motivated you to get involved in Cut Out Cancer?

I went to see the movie Mondays at Racine, about the hair salon in Long Island for women dealing with cancer treatment.  I understood that this movie inspired the women who are on the Cut Out Cancer board to create a similar spa service in our area. After seeing the movie, I totally wanted to get involved and I waited and waited until someone called to say they wanted me to help. I was so excited!

I now can never envision giving this up. Cut Out Cancer has become such a meaningful and important place to me. When I walk in the doors, I feel like I’m coming home. It is like one big family and a place where people leave feeling good- both the clients and we the volunteers too.

In my business, we use touch as a way to care for people. I so admire the courage of the women who come into Milano’s for treatment. I hope to put them at ease, and hope they will feel some comfort after they leave.  I often reflect how Mondays at Milano are both great and bad, and both wonderful and sad.  Since we will never rid our world totally of cancer but hopefully we can make a difference by creating a day that helps our clients have even more courage and have more hope.

What is something that many people don’t know about you?

My husband serviced in the US Navy for many years deep under the ocean on a submarine.  I was selected as the Ombudsman for the command by the Admiral in the navy and also was the onshore wife that took care of many of the wives who needed practical and emotional help when our husbands were underwater and out of communication for months at a time. Sometimes, it was just a shoulder to cry on, sometimes it was helping them to figure out financial or family problems. Meanwhile, I was a mom of two young girls all on my own too.

What is your dream day off?

I love peace and quiet. Being alone, having no agenda, no one telling me what to do.

I also have loved traveling to Tuscany with the “Tuscan Mamas” where I had the opportunity to cook, to learn to cook better and to see where all the great ingredients come from. My family came from Sicily, so I enjoyed learning about other styles of Italian cooking.

What advice do you give to people dealing with cancer?

You can sit at home and cry or get mad but in the end the best strategy is to try to move on and try to feel positive. If you believe you will feel better hopefully you will!



A Welcoming and warm Place for Complimentary Beauty & Support  

Cut Out Cancer's mission is to help you get through your cancer treatments, providing special care and healing through salon & spa services that target specific symptoms or just make you feel pampered. On the second Monday of every month when Milano is normally closed, the salon will be open exclusively for you, to enjoy the salon services free of charge.


Our mission at Cut Out Cancer is to provide salon and spa services to individuals currently undergoing treatment for cancer (either surgery, chemotherapy or radiation).  Services include hair styles and color, wig fittings and styling, pedicures, manicures, facials and massage.  In addition, we invite you to enjoy our Art Table and various refreshments throughout the day.

Due to the high demand for these services we have the following policies:.

  • One service each month is provided to anyone actively in treatment
  • Clients receiving long term treatment plans (ex: chemo pill) can receive a total of 6 services.
  • We would ask our clients to schedule a different service for a consecutive month
  • Once your treatment is completed you are welcome to one additional service

While we strive to follow these policies, please contact us if you have specific needs, concerns or questions.

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